Our sales and marketing intern Neha Naik recently attended a client delivery of our Visible Value finance training simulation, developed in partnership with Profitability Business Simulations.

After the experience, Neha shared her thoughts on a finance training session which turned out to be rather more fun than she expected.

“During my internship at Ososim, I attended a virtual session on Visible Value with a multinational medical technologies corporation

This was for me to get a feel of how the simulations work, and get to know more about the company. I was able to get a birds eye view into how a finance simulation operates with real people, and it was an experience I did not expect.

The simulation session started with Ososim’s COO, Elisa Alabaster, who was facilitating the course, giving everyone an overview of what they would be doing during the two-day course. Elisa explained that their aim was to apply both financial and commercial concepts learnt in the session back into their work life. 

The simulation is set in a virtual world where participants help to achieve the financial goals of a company. Working in small groups, participants compete against each other to sell products and earn the most points for their monthly net profits and other KPIs. Looking at the visual game styles format, immediately I said to myself, this was going to be more fun than I had expected. 

With a practice session, participants had to understand and fill out the balance sheet in their teams, then show their understanding in a quick quiz at the end. In addition, they used other financial statements such as the profit and loss account, and a budgeting and cashflow forecast.

What surprised me was how focused and determined all groups were to succeed and beat their rivals. All the participants were driven to get the most points for their team, with competitive chat going on in the comments section. I didn’t expect the participants to be so competitive. Overall, it just shows how engaged they were throughout the simulation. 

Every team communicated and worked well together. The enthusiasm from the participants was transparent. The simulation was very user-friendly, with little hints and tips for extra support and guidance. I noticed how the simulation made it seem less like a learning task, and more like a fun, educational game.  

The session ended with a group discussion where they all saw which team had won and then reflected upon their drawbacks and successes. They also discussed how the experience over the two days could be implemented in their day-to-day work life. 

All in all, the simulation turned out to be really engaging and interactive. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for the most enjoyable way to get finance training. Who knew finance training could be so much fun?”

To discover more about the Visible Value simulation, visit the dedicated website at http://www.visible-value.co.uk