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Ososim’s programmes and simulations for learning, recruitment and assessment are highly intuitive and use the latest technology, including in-depth modelling of the human brain.



The majority of our development is custom, designed to meet a client’s specific needs in learning, assessment or recruitment.  However we also have a growing portfolio of simulations available off-the-shelf.  They cover four main domains:

  • Leadership (including Change Leadership and Strategy Execution);
  • Management (including Stakeholder and Intercultural Management);
  • Finance and Business Acumen; and
  • Complex Sales

Delivered virtually or face-to-face, they can be used to draw out additional learning in areas such as collaboration, working in and managing virtual teams, and decision-making under pressure.

Our programmes frequently incorporate coaching and actor interventions, and are used to support leader-led learning approaches.


Strategic Feat Simulation – Introduction

Execution is the key to business success. Every business manager needs to be able to transform a business strategy into successful results. The Strategic Feat simulation provides participants with an engaging and practical experience of implementing a major strategic initiative. No strategy, however innovative, inspiring or intelligent, has value unless it is executed successfully.

Hydro Laos Simulation – Introduction

The ability to understand and engage with complex stakeholders, internally and externally, has become a critical management capability. The Hydro Laos simulation improves the prospects for business success by providing an experience of managing relationships and winning support for a sensitive environmental project in the safety of a simulated environment. Navigating the corporate, political and social issues successfully requires understanding the key issues and understanding the players.

Clean Sweep Simulation – Introduction

Clean Sweep - a Competitive Financial Simulation. Improving knowledge of basic finance used to run a competitive business in a dynamic market

Strategic Sales Simulation – Introduction

Strategic selling skills. Selling a solution to a big corporate client. Creating relationships with partner organisations. Funding your project internally. Presenting your ideas to a team.
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