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London Business School


Ososim worked in partnership with London Business School to develop a fully-customised, real-time trading simulation used in the school’s 5 day Executive Education course on Strategic Investment Management.

Previously the course used an old Excel-based case study to apply learning to an investment portfolio and calculate outcomes. The new LBS Active Invest simulation is more engaging, easier to facilitate and provides on-demand results for participants and facilitators.

  • Teams of 5-6 participants play the role of a UK pension fund manager given $100,000,000 to invest to maximise returns while meeting pay out requirements and benchmark objectives.
  • 15 years of monthly real historical data from 27 different assets is incorporated into the in-depth simulation.

The impacts of the LBS Active Invest simulation include:

  • Lively discussions within teams bring out different perspectives on investment strategies, priorities and risk.
  • Real result data allows teams to practice investment portfolio calculations, analyse their own outcomes and deliver interesting presentations on their performance.
  • Participants experience first-hand how to create an investment strategy which keeps everyone on board, as well as see what it’s really like to manage an investment fund.
  • Detailed debriefs from online reports and graphs enable London Business School staff to maximise feedback from the simulation.
  • Participants leave the programme with new insights that they can apply to their day-to-day roles.