Ososim has a range of simulations that can be easily adapted to meet individual client needs. The current portfolio covers a broad range of topics in the area of leadership and management, sales and project management. Typically they address both people issues and more analytical business decisions. They always balance both an element of competition, which motivates many to play and learn, with the need for collaboration, which is how much of the learning occurs. Our simulations can be single player or multi-player and are used virtually, in a blended learning context and stand-alone face to face.


The insight we derive from the data captured in our simulations has enabled us to develop an expertise in the use of rich data. We have applied this to the development of diagnostic tools for our clients and partners. Extending our principle of developing simple to use, simple to understand products, we have created online 360° surveys that generate rich and insightful reports and which identify the learning needs that our simulations help solve.

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