Case studies

“Ososim never fails to do whatever is needed to ensure that clients receive real value from their work. The flexibility of both their technology platform and their approach, meant that, at very short notice, QLC had a customised simulation which integrated perfectly with their overall program and addressed precisely their learning objectives.”

Greg Marchi, Managing Director, Duke Corporate Education, 2003-2013

“The sophisticated simulations Ososim provided achieved exactly what we were hoping for – our participants were really engaged by the sessions which were also paced perfectly. Ososim really listened to our requirements and were also incredibly flexible and professional in preparing the simulation under quite challenging logistical conditions”

Michael Brooke, BNP Paribas Emerging Talent Programme Manager

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas’s Emerging Talent Programme is run annually for high performers across Europe in its Corporate and Investment Banking division. The sophisticated year long programme allows individuals to tailor development according to individual needs and desires. The programme starts with a day long Development Centre that is designed to engage and excite all the participants and give them feedback on their developmental needs. BNP Paribas was looking for an innovative and effective way to assess individual ability at working with others, exerting influence and making decisions under pressure. BNP Paribas chose Ososim, to work alongside its development centre partner, to achieve this objective through a team simulation exercise.

Working in teams of eight, participants were required to master one of Ososim’s abbreviated simulations under observation from assigned coaches. Working together for the first time, the teams had 90 minutes to organise themselves, establish ways of making decisions, become familiar with the simulation challenge and ultimately succeed in the simulation exercise. Participants learned from both the team set up and the simulation exercise. They received detailed feedback as a team and as individuals interacting within the team.

The overall Development Centre Day received outstanding feedback from the participants and the simulation component the highest individual feedback within it.


Deloitte Corporate Finance runs a regular programme to build the skills of its managers at Financial Restructuring. This two-day programme, facilitated by internal experts, included a module on stakeholder management. However, Deloitte found it very challenging to deliver this module in an engaging and realistic way. Deloitte asked Ososim to create a simulation, which captured effectively the complexities of gaining consensus in a financial restructuring context. The customised simulation includes a bespoke interface, with completely new simulated characters and financial model, as well as fully adapted content. The customised simulation fits seamlessly with other case material used the rest of the programme.


The Qatar Leadership Centre (“QLC”) was established to advance the leadership potential of Qatar by seeking out Qataris with proven talent and developing their leadership potential to the maximum. In 2013 Duke Corporate Education was chosen to deliver a financial and business acumen module for the Current and Future Leaders Programme. QLC and Duke Corporate Education wished to bring the module alive with a simulation closely linked to the financial content of the overall programme. Ososim was selected to customise a simulation so that the key learning from the programme would be reinforced in an engaging way and interwoven throughout the three-day programme.

The customised simulation was completed within 6 weeks to include new financial features and content, changes in simulation characters, adjustments to the case context, as well as updated and added events to the experience. The timing and phases of the simulation were adjusted to match the programme schedule and to fit with the other financial content being used. The module and the simulation were a great success with both the participants and the client.