Bettina Büchel

Bettina Büchel, is Professor of Strategy and Organization at IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland. Her research topics include strategy implementation, new business development, strategic alliances and change management. She is currently focusing on the implementation of strategic initiatives within organizations.

At IMD, she is the director of two public programmes (Orchestrating Winning Performance and Strategic Leadership for Women) and in-company programs and has worked with executive teams to develop and implement strategies. In addition, Bettina has been a consultant in private and public companies in Asia and Europe, e.g. Nestlé, Eli Lilly, UCB, Danisco, Linde, Holcim, UBS, and WHO. Based on her work with companies, she has written numerous case studies on organisations across the world such as Nestlé, BASF, SGS, Holcim.

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