Arie de Geus

Arie de Geus – a ‘global statesman’ of business change, is widely recognised as the originator of many of the principles and practises underlying the Learning Organisation concept.

Arie spent 38 years on three continents as a line manager at Royal Dutch Shell, and finished his career as the Corporate Planning Director in charge of business and scenario planning. In 1988 he published the seminal “Planning is Learning” article in the Harvard Business Review. Since his retirement from Shell in 1989, Arie has headed an advisory group to the World Bank and consults with government and private institutions. He was previously a visiting fellow at London Business School, a board member of the Organizational Learning Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Nijenrode Learning Centre in the Netherlands. Arie is the author of the award-winning bestseller, The Living Company (1997).

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