Jonathan Knight

Jonathan is Ososim’s Chief Executive Officer.

He began his career in investment banking and then spent 10 years in strategy consulting.  He was part of the leadership team that established Accenture Learning, focused on transforming and managing the delivery of learning and training for large corporations. He was a founding member of the EU’s eLearning Industry Group. 


Elisa Alabaster

Elisa is Ososim’s Head of Design and Development.

She has been designing and running educational business simulations and teaching executive management courses since 1990. She has been involved with a wide range of simulation businesses from large corporates to entrepreneurial start-ups. 


Toby Simpson

Toby is Ososim’s Chief Technology Officer.

Toby started out designing and creating computer games in the early 90s on a variety of platforms before moving on to manage the production of the highly successful Creatures games.


Khurshed Dehnugara

Khurshed is Ososim’s non-executive Chairman.
 He leads Relume, a research and advisory firm working at the most senior levels of complex global organisations.


Asher Rickayzen

Asher is a non-executive Director for Ososim.

He believes that the only sustainable advantage any business can have is the ability to learn more quickly than its competitors. He is a partner in Relume, a research and advisory firm in the field of organisational change and transformation.


Simon Jones

Simon is a non-executive Director for Ososim and serves as Company Secretary and Finance Adviser.

He started his professional career in retail banking and then moved on to management consulting. Most recently he was CEO of a global telecoms consulting and research company, growing it seven-fold in 12 years including its sale, various acquisitions and international expansion.


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